Friday, April 24, 2009


I've said it before: I live a rather boring life. Every now and then I'll do something particularly adventurous, but, for the most part, living in HI (while going to school and working at least) is no different than living anywhere else in the states. With that said, two weeks ago to the day, the Winter 2009 semester ended. The ending of the semester was followed by a week free of classes and homework (but full of actual work) during which I didn't do too much either. I went to Honolulu and Kaneohe for some delicious meals and movies, but that was about it. Now I've completed the first week of our six week term. It's rather hectic going to class for four hours a day and then working four hours a day, fitting in an hour at the gym and then attempting to do homework, but I does whats I gots ta do.

Now, because I'm so boring I'm going to do something exciting with this post. I figure, no one wants to read about how boring my life is so I'm going to confess to you my secret dreams.

They are to:
  • publish an award winning novel/memoir
  • do voice over acting
  • be a Jungle Cruise guide at Disneyland
  • go to culinary school (maybe even be a well known chef)
  • be a photographer
  • teach underprivileged children and adults in a foreign country
  • design clothing
  • be a comedian/comedic writer
  • design (architecturally) and decorate my own home
  • sing in the MoTab (I'm not a very good singer, I just enjoy it and think it would be awesome)

Now you know a little bit more about all of the crazy things I'm hiding from the world.
I'm like an onion, waiting to be peeled, only hopefully I smell better and won't make you cry uncontrollably.